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Derekmonster Film Project

Unbreakable- 2001

title: Original Comic Book Art

'Unbreakable' was the first project I took on after I left ILM in 2000. It was a great design opportunity, involving comic book art as a focal point in the story. M. Night Shyamalan's sophomore film was very different from the kind of bombastic, VFX driven films I'd worked on at ILM. In fact, it was very subdued and restrained. Rather than providing pre-production artwork , I was making pieces to be showcased in the film. The script called for various comic books and gallery artwork.


I had to develop multiple, distinctive styles to make the artwork feel as though it had been drawn by different artists. I did tons of sketches that I sent to the Production Designer, Larry Fulton. He would review them with M.Night Shyamalan, and would send back comments and revisions. I spent three months producing artwork. It was a challenging show, but I really enjoyed it. I got to collaborate with my pal Brian O'Connell, too. He inked and colored the 'Slayer vs. Jaguaro' comic cover seen in the beginning of the movie.


Soon to be preresented here is the development artwork and some of the finished pieces. Unfortunately, the DVD release didn't contain any of my artwork from the film. Maybe there's a Special Edition coming ...