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Derekmonster Film Project

Van Helsing- 2004

title: ILM Creature Design Group

I spent about six weeks early in preproduction on "Van Helsing', contributing creature designs. We had meetings with Steven Sommers early on, and dove in. Carlos Huante and Brian Kalin O'Connell spearheaded much of the design direction, and eventually, Christian Alzmann took on the VFX Art Direction. Ty Ruben Ellingson was there doing weapon designs as well. We all did passes at the monsters, and there were LOTS of them. Even The Creature from the Black Lagoon found it's way into Dracula's Castle in Sommer's first draft. Elements of the sadly abandoned 'Frankenstein' digital feature were there, too. One design of mine did make it into the film, though: the albino-pygmy bat. Swarms of them. Funny, since I'd done swarms of pygmy mummies for Sommer's last movie (that being Mummy Returns) ...